Warner’s Safe Blog References

warners-reference-guide1seeliger-bookThe ability to write and edit a blog on Warner’s Safe Cures and H. H. Warner requires that I draw upon the work of many other collectors and scholars. Because the blog format does not permit footnoting as one might do in a reseach paper, I will attempt to list below the references I have drawn upon. Also, special thanks to Jack Stecher,  Dave Kyle, Michael Seeliger and Ed Ojea whose Warner’s expertise is well-known among collectors.

1.  Seeliger, Michael W., “H. H. Warner: His Company & His Bottles,” (1974).

2.  Atwater, Edward C., “Hulbert Harrington Warner and the Perfect Pitch: Sold Hope; Made Millions,” New York History, 56(2): 154-190 (1975).

3. Stecher, Jack, “H. H. Warner: World Renowned Patent Medicine King: Biographical Sketch,” Applied Seals,  (Apr. 22, 2001).

4.  Stecher, Jack, “The Original Dr. Craig’s Kidney Cure,” Antique Bottle & Glass Collector, 18(4):10-11 (Aug. 2001).

5.  Ojea, Ed, “Warner’s Reference Guide,” (4th ed. 2007).

6. Ojea, Ed & Stecher, Jack, “Warner’s Reference Guide 2000,” (2d ed. 2000).

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10.  Cannon, Richard, “In the Medicine Chest: In Tall Cotton,” Antique Bottle & Glass Collector, 23(12): 30-31 (Apr. 2007) (I might beg to differ with Dr. Cannon regarding who has the best Warner’s Safe Cure Prize Map. I have one in mint condition in the original mailing envelope).

11. Collectors Corner, Profile of Dave Kyle, Bottles & More Magazine, 1(2): 18-19 (Oct. 2002).

12.  In the Bottle Den with the Old Traveler, “Where in the World is Upper Black Eddy?” Antique Bottle & Glass Collector, 16(3): 10-11 (July, 1999)(profile of the Warner’s collection of Bob Anderson includes great photos).

13.  Bygones Magazine, “B & B Auction Sale #6,” 3(5):14-18 (Jan – Mar. 1999)(profile of Mike Sheridan Auction that included a number of rare Warner’s).

14.  Umberger, Art & Jewel, “Corralling the Corkers: Volume II,” 33-52, Corker Book Company (1969).

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18.  McDonald, Mark, \”Tippecanoe Please, Not Bitters,\”Feb. 25, 1999,  originally posted online but because Mark’s site is no longer active, I have linked it as a pdf.

19.  Cramp, Arthur J., “Nostrums and Quackery: Articles on the Nostrum Evil, Quackery and Allied Matters Affecting Public Health; Reprinted, With or Without Modifications from the Journal of the American Medical Association,” Volume II, Press of American Medical Association, Chicago (1921).

20.  Cannon, Richard, “In the Medicine Chest: Foreign Warner’s,” Antique Bottle & Glass Collector, 23(5): 30-31 (Sept. 2006).

21.  Bingham, A. Walker, “The Snake-Oil Syndrome: Patent Medicine Advertising,” The Christopher Publishing House (1994). This is a very interesting book with good illustrations. Unfortunately, it is out of print.

22. Stecher, Jack, “H. H. Warner – The Final Years (Life After Bankruptcy),” Antique Bottle & Glass Collector, 10(2): 6-7 (June 1993).

23.  Seeliger, Michael, “H. H. Warner: His Company & His Bottles 2.0” (Digital Format) (2016).


16 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Blog References

  1. I am a carpenter in Northeast Harbor, ME I am currently renovating a 125 year old building.When removing one of the floors we discovered several advertisment posters in between the layers of original flooring one of which is a 2ft x 3ft poster for HH Warners Safe cure for kidneys and liver.We cut the portion of the foor out to preserve it,now we are wondering how old it may be????

  2. Dennis,

    Nice find. I suspect that your poster probably dates to the early to mid-1880’s during the rise of the Warner’s Safe Cure empire. I would love to do a post on your find. Can you send along some pictures showing your find. My email is sjackson@wilsav.com. Thanks.


  3. Steve, I am trying to access details of Jack Stechers book,” H H Warner A Biographical Sketch ”
    I have contacted Jack, but unfortunately he no longer has any copies available, can you help me please?
    Many thanks,
    Steve Panton

  4. Hi,
    I am a collector of old bottles from Czech Republic (see my website http://www.stare-lahve.cz).
    I have an interesting amber bottle with embossing WARNERS SAFE DIABETES CURE PRESSBURG. I find your websites today, unfortunately, becouse your last bottle PRESSBURG with label was from my collection and the Poland seller bought it from me :-(. If I knew about your websites earlier I will bid it directly to you. If you are intersted in bottle WARNERS SAFE DIABETES CURE PRESSBURG, please contact me. My email is: mkekrt@seznam.cz
    Your best regards. Mira

  5. Hi Steve,

    did you get my email with photos of WARNERS SAFE DIABETES CURE bottle?
    I haven’t got any answer yet. If you are really interested in this bottle, contact me,
    alternatively with suggestion of price.

    I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.

    Thank you for your answer.


  6. hello,

    I have fount some Warners Safe Cure Bottles ,from Frankfurt.
    can someone help me? I have no idea, and would like to know whether they are valuable.


    • Friedrich,

      I would be happy to give you an estimate of their value. You would need to describe them in detail or send photographs. Generally, Safe Cures from Frankfurt are valuable if they are in good condition and not cracked or broken. Let me know what you have and I will try to help.


  7. Steve just picked up a Green aqua not blue aqua Safe Remedies Co. 12 1/2 oz with a complete label. K&L remedy. Craig has a green aqua one which is the only other one I have ever seen. Now this one. What are your thoughts. Also I have been emailing you and I think I have the wrong or old email address. Contact me and I’ll send pictures.

  8. The, perhaps ‘fabled’, 2 pint green labelled London Safe Cure will be included amongst various high quality items at the 25th UK SummerNational auction in England on July 5th. This bottle remains UNIQUE after all these years – a cure for man or beast!!!! The full catalogue can be viewed live @: http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/bbr-auctions/catalogue-id-srbb10013 Absentee bids can be left prior to sale day with Alan Blakeman @: sales@onlinebbr.com

  9. Thirty years ago I was a keen Cure Bottle collector .. but life took over and my interests were put aside to raise a family. I recently unearthed my collection and started taking an interest in their values. I have visited your site many times and I am in awe of some of the collections featured in your articles. I did not specialise in Warners but I have 13 bottles in my possession.
    Four of which are aqua. One Pint Safe Cure, Half Pint Safe Cure, One Pint Rhumatic Cure and Half Pint Nervine. Reading through some of your article I have come across several Safe Cures
    and seen that a half pint Nervine fetched a record figure in 2013 but I have not seen any record of a Rhumatic Cure. I would be interested in their rarity and value. What is my next step.

    • Graham,
      I am assuming that we are talking about Warner’s from London? If so, then you have some nice bottles. Any way you could send me some pics of them? My email is sjackson@pretlowlaw.com. Usually having pictures helps. Thanks.


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