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Stephen R. JacksonIt’s hard to believe, but the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog celebrated its 7th birthday in March, 2015. I started it back in 2008 thinking it might last a couple of years and because I wanted a place to share my interest in H. H. Warner and his patent medicine empire with other collectors.  As I said back then, if you are going to start a website or blog, make sure that it is on a topic about which you are passionate. For me, that topic is Warner’s Safe Cures.

For over thirty-five years, I have collected Warner’s Safe Cures, Safe Remedies, almanacs, trade cards and anything else I could get my hands on. I have had the privilege of collaborating with other Warner’s collectors including Mike Seeliger, Jack Stecher, Andy Lange, Dan Cowman, Ed Ojea, Terry McMurray and Dave Kyle to name just a few. Their knowledge and expertise has made me more knowledgeable and, I hope, better able to help others who share this interest.

Please feel free to browse these my posts and give me your thoughts and comments. My email is: sjackson@srjacksonlaw.com. H. H. Warner has been dead for about 90 years, but I hope that my Safe Cure Blog will continue to honor his legacy for many years to come.

Steve Jackson – May 18, 2015

Warner's Safe Cure is Life Saving


41 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,
    I am writing a book about Soda Fountains in America, history and recipes. I am the owner of a working soda fountain in Brooklyn. We are housed in a 1920s apothecary store.

    I would like to include Warner’s Safe Cure packages/graphics in our book, and wish to see if perhaps you can help me. You can reach me via email, brooklynfarmacycookbook.com, or let me know what would be the best way to contact you.

    I thank you kindly in advance for your time and consideration,
    Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain
    twitter + facebook

    • I would be happy to give you whatever information I can. If you can let me know specifically what Warner’s material you are interested in, I will do my best.

  2. Hi,
    I have a Warner’s Safe Nervine bottle with cork, contents, and paper label 95% complete. Looking to sell. I can send a photo if necessary. Thanks

  3. Top of the day Steve

    Sent you a email a week or two ago with the pictures of the rheumatic cure box. Never got an anwser or maybe you never got email, or it went to junk file.


    • Rich,

      Your email must have gotten stuck in my spam folder. I will check, but if you send it again and let me know when it is sent, I may find it easier. Sorry for the delay!


      • Rich,

        I added your email to the approved senders list, so if you resend the pics, I should get them.


  4. I Love your Blog and I will always follow it and If you have the time I’m sure you would love looking the collection that me and my dad have started it’s growing ever so slowly but I for one will never stop loving Warner’s, and your blog definitely gives anyone that needs to learn more about Warner’s a place to do so to the fullest extent I love all the content here and please keep up the good work 🙂

    http://www.bathcomputerrepair.com (Check out my Warner’s Picture Gallery)

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  6. i have a sign that i beleive to be a genuine sign, its like it is cut out of the peice of fence to avoid damaging it, i live in slc utah but i aquired the sing in draper utah where they were demolishing this old basement house to build a app. complex, i got lucky enough that it was raining and the construction had to b put off so i asked the super if i could get the scrap metal and he said yes and ne thing else i wanted, i found this in a barn next to the half demolished house, i am interested in selling it but do not know of n e where to start looking for a buyer, if u could get back tome that would be great, i will post a pic on my fb profile

  7. I was paging through the free sample pictures and I wanted to clarify that the labeled safe remedy is actually on a safe cure embossed free sample. It is part of the transition that I am finding with the FDA allowing cure companies to use the bottles for awhile until the stock is used up I assume, and then transferring over to the Remedy.

  8. I recently found this safe near my home in PA and was curious if you could help me to learn more about it and possibly what it would be worth ? It is open, but I do not know the combination. The interior of the safe is painted with floral designs and has several wooden shelves and 2 small drawers. it is about 4 feet tall and 3 feet thick with 4 wheels. For it’s age, it seem to be in fairly good shape with most all of the paint still intact. The only dates I found on it were on the dial and it reads “SARGENT & GREENLEAF ROCHESTER, N.Y. PAT. MAY 23, 1865 JAN. 9, 1866, AUG. 28, 1866” which can be seen in the pictures I included. I did not take pictures of the interior of the safe but I can if need be. Thank you for any information you can provide, I have had a very hard time finding another like it online or any information on its value, so I am guessing that it is fairly rare.

    • The front of the safe is painted with “MOSLER,BAHMANN & CO. CINCINNATI, OH H.H. WARNER & CO. AGT’S ROCHESTER, N.Y.” It has an aluminum colored t handle and a brass/copper dial. The safe is black in color and the painted letters are gold and maroon in color. The painted floral designs are multiple colors and are on the inside of the door and on the interior walls of the safe as well. Thank you for the help, I’m sorry I cant seem to get the pictures to attach here.

      • Jason,
        I think you have a great conversation piece, but cannot speculate on value. I collect the Warner’s Safe Cure bottles, but not the safes. For Safe Cure collectors, the safes are really interested, but they have a nasty habit of being very heavy and hard to move. I just did a post on a Warner’s Safe located in Tombstone, Arizona. The guy is trying to sell it, but, at last check, had not found a buyer. That post is located at: https://warnerssafeblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/warners-safe-cure-a-wild-west-safe/. Please send me some good digital pics and I will try to use them on my site. My email is: sjackson@pretlowlaw.com. Thanks.

  9. I really am enjoying your site. Are Warner’s bottles worth more if they are unopened and have the label still on them?

    • Russell,
      As a rule, Warner’s Safe Cures with labels and contents are worth more than their empty counterparts. Obviously, the better condition the label, the more value that it adds to the bottle price. Hope that helps.


  10. I have a Warner’s Safe Cure bottle that I would like to learn more about. It’s in very good condition and still has the entire paper label intact with no rips or tears. Where can I find more out about the particular bottle that I have? Thanks!

  11. Hi Steve-
    What a great blog. I must confess I have never heard of these bottles until now, but I adore vintage things and today a bottle intrigued me at Goodwill. I bought it for $2.50 and when I came home and looked it up, I was excited by what I found. I have a Tippecanoe bottle that is amber, and it does not have the misspelling. Is it possible for you to contact me, so I can ask you some questions about it? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!

    • Carla,
      If you got a Tippecanoe for $2.50, you got a great deal. Typically, those bottles, without the misspellings, sell in the range of $75-100. If you have other questions, you can email me at sjackson@pretlowlaw.com. Hope that helps.

  12. Hello Steve,
    I have started to collect Warner’s bottles and have found your site extremely informative. On looking over one of my bottles I noticed a WARNERS SAFE RHEUMATIC CURE bottle embossed with ROCHESTER N.Y. U.S.A. and the “S” in U.S.A is reversed.
    There is also no apostrophe in WARNERS.
    The embossing is very pronounced so the apostrophe is not just lost in the background.
    The bottle is in very good condition as you would expect where a partial label, though heavily degraded, is still attached. It has a double collar. I could not find a reference to these defects anywhere? Are they common?
    Hopefully you can find time reply.

    • Thanks Adrian,
      The Safe Rheumatic Cure with the reversed “S” in USA is a known variant and is a nice bottle. I have seen them on occasion and would not say “rare” but would say they are “scarce”. Unfortunately, there are quite a few mold errors in Warner’s bottles and I have only blogged about a few of them. Certainly a nice bottle to add to your collection.

  13. Can we use an image for the cover of a medical journal. It would be one time, one image. Do you have any restrictions? Will attribute you properly. Please respond to me by email.

    • Gerard,
      I am probably okay with that. Please let me know what image you want to use and what medical journal will be using it. Thanks.


  14. Hello Steve!

    I have found a original Warner- bottle in an old loft near the austrian/ slovakian border, but I´m not a collector of bottles. So if you are interested, I´ll send you photos and pls. send me an indication regarding price.

    With best regards from Austria, René

  15. Fascinating!

    I have been working in the diabetes field for over 20 years and a co-worker just showed me a picture of the bottle. Since “Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure” is such a great story + my personal history + my last name…I would like to learn more and perhaps learn how to aquire a bottle or poster.

    Great blog and work. Is it possible to contact you for inquiries.
    J. Warner

    • Jay,
      I have been collecting Warner’s Safe Cure bottles since the mid-1970’s and they have become my passion. I am happy to provide you with whatever information I can. H. H. Warner was a fascinating man and perhaps ahead of his time in what we now call marketing. Feel free to contact me with further questions. My email is sjackson@pretlowlaw.com. Best regards,


  16. Just wanted to let you know that I have a wood shipping crate in beautiful condition. I have photos but do not see where I can attach them.
    The crate end panels read:
    One Doz
    I will be listing this crate on eBay and wondered if you would know the value ?
    Thanks for any information,

    • Hi Amy,

      You can send me photos at sjackson@pretlowlaw.com. Wooden Warner’s crates are nice go-withs. As with the bottles, a lot depends on condition. If you send me the pics, I can give you a better estimate. Ballpark range would be $100-150. Hope that helps.


  17. Hello

    Writing from NZ, I have found a perfect condition warners double ring cure all medicine bottle (four cities).
    I have had it confirmed by a NZ gold mining historian whom has said it is quite rare, Im having issues locating anything the same on the net to give me an idea of how rare and value.
    I can send a pic if that would help?

    Thank you and regards

  18. Hi, Mr. Warner was our first board chair in 1888. I cannot find a picture that isn’t too grainy to be able to enlarge for our 130 anniversary celebration next month. Would you happen to have a decent jpg of himself that you can send me? Thank you so much in advance! Toni Williams

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