Warner’s Safe Cure: More of the Very Best Labels and Advertising

Over the years, I have written a number of posts celebrating the importance and value of labels on Warner’s Safe Cures. It has always been my feeling that a good label adds both value and interest to a Safe Cure. Many of my posts have featured bottles in the collection of Dan Cowman. Dan passed away in 2015 but not before he amassed one of the greatest known collections of labelled Warner’s.

Over the past year, Dan’s collection has been auctioned off to eager collectors with many of his bottles fetching record prices. The auctions have been handled by Terry McMurray, who is no stranger to labelled Warner’s and whose collection of patent medicines also includes many unique labelled Warner’s and advertising pieces. Terry has been kind enough to photograph a portion of Dan’s collection at my request. Here are a few of those photographs showing Dan’s amazing collection.

Foreign Labelled Warner's Safe Cures

The above photograph features an array of foreign labels including Safe Cures from Frankfurt, Pressburg, London, Melbourne and Toronto (3-Cities). It is unlikely that this unique set of foreign labels will be reunited at any time in the future.

Safe Tonic Bitters

The Safe Tonic Bitters was part of Warner’s early line of products that predated the introduction of Tippecanoe in 1883. Although the Tonic Bitters appeared in both a pint and half pint size, the Tonic Bitters label was sometimes adhered to a Safe Tonic bottle. In this case, a labelled Tonic Bitters with its original box is a true rarity.

Asthma Cure

The Asthma Cure tin is a rarity in and of itself because the product required that the user burn the contents, thereby destroying the container. Take a closer look at this tin. Not only is it a full labelled tin but it’s from Melbourne! I’m not sure that I have seen another one of these.

Three Cities Safe Cure and Caddy

This is a nice example of a 3-City Safe Cure with a full label and box. Although the 3-Cities bottle is fairly common, it’s rarity and value are dramatically enhanced when you throw in the label and caddy.

Safe Remedies Company Nervine & Sedative

The Warner’s Safe Remedies Company line included both a Nervine and a Sedative. The bottles appeared in amber, clear and aqua blue and the product was identified by the label. The Sedative is a much harder example to find. Notice that both the Nervine and the Sedative promise “Soothing, Calming, Quieting,” which makes it sound as though they were perhaps intended for young children.

Log Cabin Remedies Sign

Log Cabin Sarsaparilla

The Log Cabin Remedies line is not know for unusual bottles, although some of it’s varieties are truly rare. Nevertheless, the packaging and the advertising are terrific.

Tippecanoe Advertising

Another piece of spectacular Warner advertising. This is a poster for Tippecanoe, which highlights the curative properties known to native Americans.