Warner’s Safe Cure: Safe Cures at the Sacramento Expo (2016)

I intended to post this back in August, but got busy with work. So, as the saying goes, better late than never.

Every once in a while, someone puts together a great Warner’s Safe Cure display. Fifteen years ago, a group of us put together a display at the Rochester Show and I have written about that display on many occasions. Although there has undoubtedly been displays since 2001, none of them really caught my attention until this month at the Federation National Antique Bottle Convention and Expo in Sacramento. 

Sacramento National Antique Bottle Show & Convention

Thanks to the hard work and creativity of Mike and Kathie Craig and Michael Seeliger, visitors to the Sacramento Expo were treated to one of the great Warner displays ever assembled. This display included not only an extensive collection of Warner’s bottles, but also lots of advertising and a video presentation about H. H. Warner and his medicine business. The display garnered rave reviews and lots of awards.

Warner Exhibit at Sacramento Expo (2016) While pictures alone do not do it justice, here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the scope of the display and what, by any definition, was an amazing effort to highlight the contributions of H. H. Warner to the patent medicine industry and to bottle collectors. The scope of colors and variations is amazing.  Kudos to the Craigs and the Seeligers for bringing this display together.






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