Warner’s Safe Cure: Labelled Animal Cures

Labelled Animal Cures (McMurray 2016) 2 (Edit)

In the world of Warner’s Safe Cures, there are a few things that you don’t often see. Certain Safe Cures are just plain RARE! It might be a Frankfurt Nervine in pint size, a labelled Presssburg “Diabetic Cure” or a labelled strap-sided Safe Compound from London or even a labelled Animal Cure with contents. For the uninitiated, the Animal Cure or Mammoth Cure is the granddaddy 40 ounce Safe Cure that was marketed by Warner for livestock.

Animal Cure in 1888 Artist Album

Animal Cures are scarce in their own right and often fetch in excess of $1500 or more. Add a label to the mix and, well, all bets are off. I am aware of three documented examples of labelled Animals, two in amber and a third in olive green (about 75% label). The ambers examples, however, are labelled with contents. Recently, they appeared in the collection of Terry and Ryan McMurray. Behold:

Labelled Animal Cures (McMurray 2016)

Up until recently, these two examples had been in separate collections. Having them both in one place at one time is an event that may not repeat itself. The last place I remember seeing such a nice collection of Animal Cures was at the 2001 Rochester Show when a group of us collaborated on the Great Warner’s Safe Cure Exhibit.


At that time, one of the two labelled Animals was in Jack Stecher’s collection. A somewhat plumper version of me got to pose with that bottle in front of Jack’s Safe Cure display case.


Not sure if or when Terry and Ryan might break up this pair, but, if they do, be prepared to open your wallet. A labelled Warner’s Safe Animal Cure with contents would be the crown jewel for any Warner’s collection.




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