Warner’s Safe Cure: Christmas Wishes from Down Under

Although I am a couple of weeks late, I recently stumbled upon this full-page Christmas Warner’s Safe Cure ad from The Sydney Mail dated December 20, 1890. I really like the ad because it is an excellent example of the classic Warner’s Safe Cure pitch. That is, lots of claims about the health benefits of Safe Cure supported by a variety of testimonials from happy patrons. Because of the size of the ad, I had to break it into three parts:

The Sydney Mail - Dec 20 1890 - A Christmastide Greeting 1

In 1890, the British enterprise, H. H. Warner & Co. Ltd. was distributing products not only to London, but also to Melbourne and Dundein. The ad contains the classic mix of sweeping health claims along with testimonials to the effectiveness of Warner’s Safe Remedies.

The Sydney Mail - Dec 20 1890 - A Christmastide Greeting 3

The final portion of the ad gives us a snapshot of the products that H. H. Warner & Co. Ltd were marketing in 1890. Those products included “Safe” Cure, “Safe” Diabetes Cure, “Safe” Rheumatic Cure, “Safe” Nervine (in two sizes), “Safe” Asthma Cure, “Safe” Pills, “Safe” Plasters and Tippecanoe.

The Sydney Mail - Dec 20 1890 - A Christmastide Greeting 2

This is particularly interesting because I had always wondered if Tippecanoe had been marketed outside the United States. I had never seen any evidence that it was sold from London or Frankfurt. It had been suggested to me that it was sold from the Melbourne Office, but I had never seen confirmation of that fact. This advertisement provides that confirmation and also includes the Asthma Cure and Safe Plasters among the products available to Australasians. It also confirms the location of the Melbourne Office at 147 Little Lonsdale Street in 1890.



I find that Warner’s Safe Remedies newspaper advertising can provide some very interesting clues about the scope and extent of the available products. My initial reading of this ad was that it was merely an expression of seasonal greetings. A closer look, however, revealed some more important details from down under.


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