Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure

Warner's Safe Diabetes Cure, 1906-1908. From americanhistory.si.edu.

While this is not a perfect Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure label, it’s still nice. One of the things I really love about Warner’s labels is that they really exude Victorian detail. This label was obviously post-1906, given the reference to the Pure Food & Drug Act. As yet, the word “CURE” is still used. Just goes to show that the transition from Cure to Remedy was not instantaneous. 


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Diabetes Cure

    • Dear Alberta,

      The easiest way to get one is to check eBay. They come up with some regularity. For a Diabetes Cure from Rochester, you should expect to pay $100-$125. If it has a label or is from one of the foreign offices, then the price will be more. For example, I have a Diabetes Cure from Melbourne that would run about $450. Hope that helps.


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