Safe Pills Abroad

When I first wrote about Warner’s Safe Pills over six years ago, I had assumed that the marketing of Safe Pills was limited to the United States from the Rochester Office. Indeed, Safe Pills were one of Warner’s original line of products along with his Safe Kidney & Liver Cure, Safe Bitters, Safe Nervine and Safe Diabetes Cure. Turns out, I was wrong. 


In addition to his original Safe Pills, Warner also marketed his Cathartic Pills and later his Log Cabin Liver Pills. Of the three, the Cathartic Pills seem to be the hardest to find. Indeed, the pills are less common because, unlike the embossed bottled Safe Cure products, the pills were packaged in an unembossed vial with a paper wrapper.  All of the Safe Pills seem to have been a purgative designed to relieve constipation.

Warner's Safe Pills

WSCatharticPills1 Warner’s foreign offices clearly marketed his products in the pint and half pint bottles, which included his Safe Cure as well as Nervine, Diabetes Cure and Rheumatic Cure, until fairly recently, I had not seen evidence that the Safe Pills were sold abroad. It is now clear that his Safe Pills were sold abroad in London and Frankfurt. One would expect that they might also have been available in Melbourne and Toronto, but I have yet to see bottles to prove that. 

Warner's Safe Pills London (2015)

Frankfurt Safe Pills 1 Frankfurt Safe Pills 4

As I have said many times, every time I think I have a complete handle on what Warner sold and where he sold it, I am surprised to find something new. If you have run across Safe Pills from foreign offices other than London and Frankfurt, please let me know and send pictures. Sometimes it’s fun being wrong.


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