A Few of My Own Warner’s -Part 1



I have been collecting Warner’s Safe Cures for close to 40 years. For most of that time, my collection has reposed in boxes, except for the occasional show display like the 2001 Warner’s Exhibit at the Rochester Show. A couple years ago, my wife bought me a wonderful china cabinet to display my bottles.  Well, old habits die hard and the china cabinet gathered dust, while my Warner’s continued their residency in my attic. My wife finally said, “If you don’t put something in that cabinet, I will.” She never bluffs.

So, I have gradually begun to display some of my favorite Warner’s. These pictures represent a small sample of the collection. Above are a rare pair of “Acute Rheumatic Compound” Remedies in amber and clear. These remedies appeared on the Warner’s Safe Remedies Co. bottles. You can also see a Warner’s Asthma Cure tin, large and small Log Cabin Extract boxes (that contain the bottles), two bricks of Log Cabin Liver Pills, a small Safe Yeast container and a clear Kidney & Liver Remedy bottle. 


Above are three nice labelled H. H. Warner & Co. Ltd. bottles from Melbourne with full labels, contents and boxes. These are later Melbourne bottles. Like the Warner’s Safe Remedies Co. bottles, the contents were defined by the label. In this case, there are two Safe Cures and one Nervine.


Here are three more fully labelled Warner’s: a Safe Kidney & Liver Remedy in amber, a 6oz. Safe Remedies Co. in clear with a Nervine label and a Safe Cure.


This photo shows a Safe Tonic Bitters, a 12.5 oz. Warner’s “No Safe” Remedies Co. in amber with label, contents and box, a Safe Remedies Co. in aqua with a Safe Rheumatic Remedy label, a 6 oz. Warner’s “No Safe” Remedies Co. in amber with full label and a Compound: A Diuretic label, a half pint clear Safe Remedy, a sample Safe Cure with label and shipping container and a sample Safe Remedy.

The pictures are not terrific, but at least some of these great Warner’s are no longer boxed in the attic. More to come…..


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Own Warner’s -Part 1

  1. Hello Steve I live in Australia you have some wonderful Warners. Could you please give me James. and Sandy. Bell. Email address so I might be able to contact them or give them mine it is sikorajo.js@gmail.com I have been collecting for awhile and have about 100 Warners. Thank you. Joe

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks. I don’t think I have an email for James and Sandy Bell. May have run into them at a show. Wish I could help. Your collections of Warner’s sounds nice. Send me some pictures and I will post them. Best wishes.

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