How Are Your Kidneys - The Houston Post - 8 Dec 1901


How Are Your Kidneys?

2 thoughts on “How Are Your Kidneys?

  1. A while ago I purchased a Warner Bottle with the $1.00 price on the bottom of the label. I thought that was odd. Obviously when Warner got the business back in Rochester from the English syndicate, Warner’s Safe Cure Co. originally sold the cure for less than originally it sold for before it came back. A 20 % savings for ill customers who relied on the Safe Cure for their health?
    Later labels have no price on them, I wonder what it sold for then? We also (Craigs) have a slug plate labeled KL cure with the price listed as $2.00/bottle.(Which is $64.00 in today’s money) expensive.

    • The price did fluctuate. I have seen labeled K&L Cure at $1.00 and $1.25. $2.00 really is a lot of money for those days. Not sure about the motivation, although as he got closer to 1893, he may have been trying to increase his sales volume to help make up for his cash problems.

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