Return of the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog

1882 H. H. Warner & Co. Envelope12312014

After a bit more of a sabbatical than I intended, I am back in the saddle to continue the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog. As anyone who blogs knows, it is an enormous challenge to come up with fresh material on a regular or semi regular basis. Sometimes you just need a break to collect your thoughts and to reflect on where things stand. Well, I have had my break and with the help of a new computer that my wife gave me for Christmas, I am ready to pick up and move into 2015. It’s had to believe, but this blog has now been around for almost seven years with over 100,000 views.

Thanks for your patience and I hope that you will continue to come to the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog as a resource for all things related to H. H. Warner and Warner’s Safe Cure. Happy 2015!


4 thoughts on “Return of the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog

  1. Great to have you back, Steve. As always I look forward to your Warner’s blog and really value its information. You’re the man!!

  2. Steve, ytou are very much welcome, when I discover something new on Warner you’ll be the first to know. When something pops up it’s like stepping back in time. Your’e blog really has grown!! I will to get to the Rochester library sometime to gather more tidbits.

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