Warner’s Safe Cure: Tippecanoe in Color

Other than the classic Safe Cure bottle, H. H. Warner’s other significant contribution to collectors was in the form of his figural bitters –Tippecanoe. Tippecanoe replaced Warner’s early bitters line, which included Safe Bitters, Safe Tonic and Safe Tonic Bitters. It was also highlighted by the unique log-shaped bottle. Over the years, I have seen many examples of the Tippecanoe bottle, including those in shades of green, those with misspellings of the word “Rochester” on the base and those will full or nearly full labels.  More often than not, the labelled Tippecanoes boast labels that are brown or very nearly so, often with content staining or other damage. Recently, however, an nicer example showed up on eBay.

Tippecanoe Labelled2

Although this example is missing some portions of the label, it has retained some of the original color that is often missing from Tippecanoe labels. This is especially true of the light blue-green background coloring. This is also an example of the rarer of the two labels – “XXX Bitters”.  The other variant – “The Best” is seen more frequently, although labelled Tippecanoes are scarce commodities nonetheless.

Tippecanoe Labelled


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