Warner’s Safe Cure: “No City” Safe Cure – Part 2

Well, I really did not expect to be doing a followup post on the “No City” Safe Cure, at least, not this soon.  At any rate, it seems that the “No City” bottle that prompted my original post has at least one sibling.  I had considered the original bottle to be an anomaly or, perhaps, a weak strike or undocumented mold error. Any of those explanations may still be true, but yet another piece to this strange puzzle was added by Tony DiMarco.

Tony contacted me after my first post and advised me that this was not the first example of a “No City” Safe Cure to surface. Apparently, another surfaced in June of 2013 on eBay. It sold for $ 580.  Tony was able to provide me with copies of the pictures that accompanied that bottle, but no contact info on the original seller. While the pictures are not the best, one of them does appear to show a Safe Cure sans embossed city. Moreover, Tony said that the information he had was that the bottle originated in Switzerland, which is supposedly where the first bottle surfaced.  Thanks to Tony for the information and the pictures. In his opinion, the bottle looks like a hybrid of Safe Cure bottles from the London, Toronto (3-Cities) and Frankfurt offices.

Warner's Safe Cure  (DiMarco)Warner's Safe Cure - No City (DiMarco)

So, where does that leave us. Could the second “No City” be the same bottle being resold? I thought of that and there is no way to rule that out. However, the above bottle features a gash or scratch in the area where the city name would normally be found. I don’t see a similar mark of the first “No City” bottle.

Certainly, Tony’s information adds to the possibility that the “No City” Safe Cure is a legitimate new Warner variant with ties to the Swiss market. I’m not there yet, but I am willing to believe. Over the years, I have heard tell of other undocumented Warner variants. I think that Jack Stecher or Mike Seeliger once mentioned someone claimed to have an Animal Cure from Melbourne. That never surfaced. Having said that, I suspect that, at one time, the Pressburg Safe Cure was little more than rumor. For now, I am keeping an open mind and would welcome any more information and photographs of this seemingly rare breed of Warner’s Safe Cure.


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: “No City” Safe Cure – Part 2

  1. Hi Steve…I have the second “no city” you talked about last week. It is different from any others in my collection in several ways. It also has burial marks from being in the ground. There clearly has never been any city embossed on the bottle. I’ll keep you posted as I examine it further. Regards, John

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