Warner’s Safe Cure: Another Pressburg Gem!


Back in December, I highlighted the sale of a beautiful blue/green Pressburg Safe Cure that had surfaced in Hungary. Never mind that Pressburg Safe Cures are rare, in and of themselves, but the color of that bottle made it even more so and it fetched $2325 on eBay. Well, another spectacular Pressburg Safe Cure surfaced this week on eBay. Not only was it in a similar blue/green color, but it retained about 90% of its label, albeit faded and content stained. Foreign language labels on Safe Cures are an added bonus. Well, I’m starting to run out of superlatives. The rarity of this example was not lost either and, in the end, it fetched $3421 for the seller in Poland. 

There is little more that can be said about Pressburg Safe Cures and their place in the hierarchy of rare cures that I and others have not already said. This beautiful example will undoubtedly grace someone’s collection for years to come. I only hope we continue to see more examples of rare Warner’s Safe Cures. By the way, if you are sitting on a Pressburg Rheumatic Cure, we need to talk!  Special thanks to Piotr for allowing me to use his pictures of this latest Pressburg gem.







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