Warner Remedies Company – Warren, Pennsylvania – The Rest of the Story

In my last post on Warner’s Compound, I included a copy of the circular, which referenced Warner’s Remedies Company located in Warren, Pennsylvania. Now, I have been collecting Warner’s Safe Cures going on forty years and have never heard that the American Office of Warner’s Safe Remedies Company was located anywhere other than Rochester, New York.

After 1893, the ownership changed hands and H. H. Warner went on to attempt some other patent medicine startups (e.g. Nuera Remedy Company and Warner’s Renowned Remedies), but they were independent of the Safe Remedies Company.

Warner's Compound 2

It seems that the Warner Remedies Company may have endured a bit longer than I had thought. It has always been conventional wisdom that the Remedies Company faded into oblivion by the mid 1940’s. The Warner’s Compound circular was the first evidence I have ever seen of an alternate location. Which begs the question, as Paul Harvey used to say, “what is the rest of the story?”

I was intrigued by this tidbit and checked with by source for “all things Warner,” Jack Stecher.  Jack confirmed that he was unfamiliar with the Warren, Pennsylvania connection. Well, if Jack Stecher doesn’t know, it’s not known. With a little bit of internet research, I was able to solve the mystery. Warren, Pennsylvania appears to be a small hamlet in the far western part of the state near Lake Erie. In the April 25, 1947 edition of the Warren Times Mirror, the following article appeared:

Warner's Remedies Company - Warren Times Mirror - 25 Apr. 1947

 It seems that an otherwise unidentified local entrepreneur from Warren purchased the remaining assets of the Warner Remedies Company and moved them lock, stock and barrel to western Pennsylvania. The article has clear errors, including the statement that the company had done business in Rochester since 1890. It would be more correct to say since 1879.  I could find no additional articles on the Warren Office of Warner’s Remedies Company or how much longer it continued to exist. Only time will tell.


7 thoughts on “Warner Remedies Company – Warren, Pennsylvania – The Rest of the Story

  1. This makes some sense. In 1971 or so a local drug store was selling old stock at 1/2price. Mike Schwartz’s wife bought a Warner’s Asthma Powder for 37cents and gave it to me. I sold it as part of my collection in 1979 can’t remember to who though. All the years of reading Warner ads I never saw the Asthma Powder advertized although Throatine, Asthma Cure and Asthma Remedy were. That’s why I mentioned it in my book. The Powder was in a complete metal container with painted on label not paper if I remember correctly which would put it around the 30s or 40s possibly. Your flyer is the first reference to it I’ve seen. Michael Seeliger

    • Thanks Michael. Between you and Jack, I cannot think of two more authoritative sources on Warner’s. I was really surprised by the reference to Warren, PA. The other products listed are the Cathartic Pills, the Powder and the Tablets. Pretty neat stuff.

  2. Hello Michael,

    I am very impressed with your blog ad how thorough it is. I was wondering if you could help solve a case of missing text in a particular advertisement. It is a small poster with an image of Uncle Sam smoking a cigar looking at the side of a log cabin which depicts scenes of 3 generations in their natural environment.

    This is the link: http://www.peachridgeglass.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/LogCabinPosters.jpg

    Would you have any idea what it should say at the top? My guess is “OWE (THEIR) …. AND HAPPINESS TO LOG CABIN REMEDIES” What are the chances you think it might say HEALTH?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

    • They are nice posters and have been on eBay for some time, probably because of the asking price. I had never seen an example of them before, so I am not sure what the cut off portion says, but “OWE THEIR” seems like a good guess to me.

  3. Have you ever heard of a Warner’s Diabetic Cure with Rochester NY on front , one side has Toronto Ont, the other side London, England?

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