Warner’s Safe Cure: Beautiful Blue/Green Pressburg



This year has certainly been interesting from the standpoint of rare Warner’s surfacing for auction and sale.  Most recently that list includes a beautiful blue/green Pressburg Safe Cure pictured above, which fetched $2325 on eBay this past weekend.  When you talk about Warner’s Safe Cures, anything from the Pressburg Office (1888-1890) is considered rare. That is because that office was only open for two years and likely produced and sold fewer cures than any other office.

Within the category of Pressburgs, there is also a range of rare to most rare. For example, an amber Pressburg Safe Cure is perhaps the least rare of the Pressburg Safe Cures produced, while the Pressburg Diabetes Cure is perhaps the most rare. When the focus shifts to color, it has been my experience that Pressburg Safe Cures appear in three colors: amber, olive green and aqua. Of those three, aqua is, by far, the rarest. The seller of this Pressburg Safe Cure billed it as “NEVER SEEN BEFORE TYPE AND COLOUR.” The color was described as “apple green,” while the type included the embossing of “two crossed hammers” depicted in the photo below.


Without seeing the bottle in person and in natural light, color is difficult to judge. The photos that accompanied the eBay listing looked more like a deep aqua to me.  Even if that were true, it would still place this bottle among the rarest Pressburgs. I believe I have seen less than five examples of aqua Pressburgs in my years of collecting Warner’s. I am unable to offer any explanation of the crossed hammers, other than it was the mark of the manufacturer.  I don’t think that mark changes the “type,” which is still a Pressurg Safe Cure. The embossing on Pressburg Safe Cures is never very strong, but this example shows pretty good embossing strength. Having said all of that, the successful bidder on this bottle added a real gem to his or her collection.  Moreover, the seller haled from a town in Hungary just south of Budapest, so this bottle actually surfaced from its original market, where it has resided for almost 125 years. Here are a few more pictures from the seller:





2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Beautiful Blue/Green Pressburg

  1. Hello,
    I would like to ask the price of the bottle … WARNER’S safe cure PRESSBURG amber in color. If you need photo sent to email.
    Thank you for answering
    J. T.

    • J.T.,

      The value will depend on the condition of the bottle (i.e. mint or good); however, as a general rule, my experience is that an amber Pressburg Safe Cure in mint or near mint condition will bring $900-1000. I have seen them go for less at auction, so getting that price means finding the right buyer. Hope that helps.


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