Warner’s Renowned Medicine Company – Vaginal Tablets

After 1893, H. H. Warner gradually faded into obscurity. His empire had crumbled under the weight of his bad investments. I have recounted his fall in past posts on this blog: https://warnerssafeblog.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/the-rise-and-fall-of-the-warner-empire-life-after-safe-cure-part-ix/. Although he was devastated financially, his Safe Cure business endured without him and well into the Twentieth Century. Most people in his position would have been happy to disappear, but Warner was not most people. He apparently believed that his next fortune was within his grasp.

He relocated from New York to Philadelphia and may have even spent time in Mexico. He eventually ended up in Minneapolis, where he and his common law wife, Christina, attempted, unsuccessfully, to promote a series of medicine companies including the Nuera Remedy Company and the Guaranteed Remedy Company. After his death in 1923, Guaranteed became known as Warner’s Renowned Remedies Company.  To the extent that these post-Safe Cure companies distributed products, they are extremely rare. Indeed, I have never seen so much as a photograph of any product from either the Nuera or Guaranteed Remedy Companies. My earlier post was accompanied by photos of a catalog and two examples of products by the Renowned Remedies/Medicine Company. Until recently, I had seen nothing more than those photographs.

Last month, I noted that eBay can occasionally be the source of rare Warner’s items, like the Pressburg Diabetes Cure.  Recently, an item appeared on eBay that made me do a double take – Warner’s Renowned Vaginal Tablets.

Warner's Renowned Vaginal Tablets

Warner's Renowned Vaginal Tablets


Interestingly, the product does not say what it is designed to remedy. Perhaps that is supposed to be self-evident. At any rate, this appears to be a previously undocumented example of one of Warner’s post-Safe Cure products. It even boasts his elderly profile. It is unclear the date on this product, but It is likely sometime around the death of Warner in 1923.


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