Warner’s Safe Cure: Pressburg Diabetes Cure

Pressburg Diabetes Cure 5 Pressburg Diabetes Cure 1  Pressburg Diabetes Cure 3

Warner’s Safe Cures come and go on eBay. On any given day, there are dozens of them available for bid. Most of them are the ubiquitous Kidney & Liver Cure. But, every once in a while, a gem surfaces that catches everyone’s attention. Recently, one such gem emerged in the form of a Pressburg Diabetes Cure.

The Pressburg Diabetes Cure is, perhaps, the rarest Warner’s cure from the shortest existing foreign office in the Safe Cure empire. It is included in my “A List” of rare Warner’s Safe Cures and, prior to this sale, only one other was known to exist. The Pressburg Office existed for only two years from 1888 to 1890. When I wrote about the Pressburg Office back in July, 2008, I knew of only one example of the Pressburg Diabetes Cure. A labelled example, which was pictured. It now appears there are two.

The latest example was unlabelled and was listed by a seller from Poland. By the time the auction was over, the sale price had risen to an astounding $8735 driven by 49 bidders. I have to say that the final price suprised me. I knew the bottle would garner a nice price, but I had not envisioned a sales price approaching $9K. While I would love to say that it will be gracing my Warner’s collection, alas it is not so. As I have said many times, rare Warner’s Safe Cures do show up on eBay and other auction sites, but, unless you are watching, they too may come and go. One thing is for certain, they generate lots of excitement among collectors.

The photographs accompanying this post are courtesy of the seller.


3 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Pressburg Diabetes Cure

  1. Bryant’s Stomach Bitters lady leg can realize $5K with over 35 known to exist, it stands to reason that a Pressburg Diabetes would realize $9K with only 3-4 known to exist. Your right, what a gem of a Warner’s!

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