Warner’s Safe Cure: Safe Asthma Remedy





 Just in case you were snoozing over the past week, a nice little Warner’s Safe gem surfaced on eBay and was not lost to one lucky collector. A Warner’s Safe Asthma Remedy came up for bid and, in the end, fetched $636, which ain’t too bad for a medicine tin. Few of these tins survive due to the fact that proper use of the product called for its contents to be burned, which, in turn, destroyed the packaging.

I have always been under the impression that the Safe Asthma Remedy and Safe Asthma Cure were marketed exclusively for consumption in the United States. And that may well be true. However, a close look at the fourth photograph shows that one of the side panels appears to be in German. Which begs the question – “Why?” I don’t have an answer, but one could wonder if any of this product was shipped over to Warner’s Frankfurt Office. That may be a question without an answer, at least for now. In the meantime, this is yet another example of a pretty rare Warner’s item surfacing on eBay.


4 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Safe Asthma Remedy

  1. You would think that if the product was meant for shipping to Germany that all labels would be in German. Perhaps there was a large enough German population in the US that Warner thought he could market it to German neighborhoods in the US

    I am sure that you have seen other examples of US medicines of the same era that have sections printed in other languages. I know I have seen at least some over the years.

    • Thanks Chris,

      That is probably the most likely explanation. I guess in today’s market, the alternate language would be Spanish.

    • Thanks Jim. I tend to agree with you and Chris, although I am still puzzled about the choice of German. Love the Lincoln Tea boxes and the other pics from Houston. Would love to get to that show one day and hang out with you and Dan Cowman. Regards.

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