Warner’s Safe Cure – London Wooden Box

In June of 2008, I did a post featuring some of the varieties of wooden shipping crates or boxes used by the Warner’s Safe Remedies Company to transport its Safe Cure and Safe Yeast to market. At the time of that post, the only wooden box I had seen from one of the foreign offices was a box from the Melbourne Office that I included in the post. Most of the Warner’s wooden boxes are scarce and those from foreign offices are downright rare. It is reasonable to assume that other foreign offices used wooden boxes to ship the Safe Cure products, but, for whatever reason, those boxes rarely surface. Until recently, I had not seen a wooden box from the London Office.

Warner’s Safe Cure Wooden Box from London Office

The London Safe Cure box pictured here is courtesy of Jeff Warner in England. It seems that the box was given to Jeff as a practical joke given his last name, but instead he ended up being the beneficiary of a nice Warner’s Safe Cure go-with. Jeff has also done some research into the history of the London Office and I will pass that along in a future post. Please note that this box is embossed “H. H. Warner & Co.”

Warner's Safe Cure Box London (Warner) 1The box also includes the London Office address as 86 Clerkenwell Road, E.C., London. The London Office operated at that address from approximately 1889 until roughly 1902 when it moved to Laystall Street. Amazingly, the London Office survived until the late 1930’s or early 1940’s.


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