Warner’s Safe Cure: H. H. Warner Cottage

Back in February, 2009, I reported on Mr. Warner’s leisure activities aboard his private yacht, the “Siesta”. (https://warnerssafeblog.wordpress.com/category/thousand-island-river/).  The Siesta plied the waters of the St. Lawrence River and, presumably, stopped from time to time at Warner Island and the H. H. Warner Cottage there.

The H. H. Warner Cottage on Warner Island

The above drawing was part of an advertisement for a plaster product called “Adamant”.  This advertisement was located by Kevin Taft in an 1891 edition of Harper’s Magazine Advertiser.

Adamant Advertisement in 1891 Harper's Magazine Advertiser

Warner, the prolific advertiser, who used countless testimonials, was apparently also an endorser of products in his own right.  As we have seen, he was a prominent member of the business community of Rochester in the 1880’s and early 1890’s and served as the first president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to Kevin for finding this material. He has also found some interesting photographs of Warner Island, which I will include in an upcoming post.


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