Warner’s Safe Cure: 1887 Australian Almanac


Please pardon my absence for the last few months. Sometimes I just have to step back and take a break.

For years I had wondered about why I had not seen more Warner print advertising from his foreign offices. Not surprisingly, there is a virtually unlimited amount from the home office in Rochester, but relatively little from the other major offices like London, Frankfurt and Melbourne. While that still remains a mystery to me, I recently came into possession of my first piece of Australian Warner’s advertising – an almanac from 1887.  Oddly enough, I had seen the image from the front cover, but it was the cover of the 1885 American almanac not the 1887 Australian.

Inside the Cover of the 1887 Australian Warner’s Safe Cure Almanac

Inside the cover looks like a normal Warner’s Safe Cure almanac with one important exception, the salutation on page 3 says “To Our Australasian Friends.” Prior to seeing it published here, I had not heard the term “Australasian” before. I suppose that it was intended to encompass not only Australia, but other countries adjacent to that continent. Other subtle differences are that the name of the Melbourne Office is elevated to the top of the list of foreign offices on the bottle’s label and on the box. Also, asking price is converted to Australian currency and some, if not all, of the testimonials contained in the almanac are those of customers from Australia as opposed to the United States.
Much like the Safe Cure that it advertised, the 1887 Australian Almanac is simply a repackaged version of the American product that was modified to appeal to a new audience down under.

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