Warner’s Safe Cure – The End

As I devoted my last post to H. H. Warner’s Death Certificate, it seemed appropriate to followup with a post on the site where his remains remain. Specifically, Warner elected to be buried next to his first wife, Martha Keeney, in Skaneateles, New York. Martha had died suddenly in 1871, well before Warner’s Safe Cure empire took off.  Below is a photograph of the stone marking the gravesite.

The marker carries the following inscriptions. On the front, it reads:

H. H. Warner


Martha, wife of H. H. Warner

Died Jan. 25, 1871

Aged 23 Years, 7 Months & 7 days

The right side of the stone reads:

Sherman Keeney

Died Aug. 27, 1847

Ellen E. Keeney

Died Oct. 26, 1855

Clearly, the marker belonged to Martha’s parents. By the time of his demise, Warner was likely not in a financial position to purchase an exquisite grave marker. He will spend enternity with his in-laws. Special thanks to Jack Stecher for lending me this photograph and providing a transcription of the engraving on the marker.


4 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure – The End

  1. I find it suprising that there is such a simple gravestone for a man who had such an influence in public and commercial life over a long period of time.
    Do we know who commissioned the Gravestone?
    I assume it would have been his partner, Christina?

    • Steve,

      I think that Warner was close to penniless at the time of his death and could not afford the type of marker he could have purchased in the mid-1880’s. Not sure who commissioned it, I think it belonged to his inlaws from his first marriage.


  2. It is also intersting to see that Warner chose to be buried with his first wife, who died at an early age, and no mention was made of his second wife and child, although her name appears on the Death certificate (Olive)

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