Warner’s Safe Cure – Death of a King

As the saying goes “death comes for us all,” and H. H. Warner was no exception. His once great patent medicine empire had spiralled into bankruptcy in 1893, but he lived another thirty years trying to reclaim the wealth and influence that he wielded in the 1880’s. He died trying. In 1923, he succumbed to a heart attack at the age of 81. Thanks to Jack Stecher, I have attached a copy of H. H. Warner’s Death Certificate issued by Hennepin County, Minnesota.

H. H. Warner Death Certificate (1923)

For years after his Safe Cure empire collapsed, Warner tried to reclaim his past glory by dabbling in other medicine companies like the Nuera Medicine Company and Warner’s Renowned Remedies Company. He never realized the success he had known at the helm of Warner’s Safe Remedies. For more information, you may want to look at an earlier post from July, 2008 entitled “Rise and Fall of the Warner Empire: Life After Safe Cure (Part IX)”.

Nuera Medicine Company Ad in the 1914 Providence City Directory


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