Warner’s Safe Cure – Rare Warner’s in Baltimore!

2012 Baltimore Antique Bottle Show & Sale

Without fail, the Baltimore Antique Bottle Show in March is a terrific show to attend for both the seasoned collector and the newbie, it offers something for everyone. The 2012 Show was no exception. That was especially true for those of us who collect Warner’s Safe Cures.  I usually meet up with Jack Stecher at the Baltimore Show, but also ran into a number of other Warner’s collectors including Andy Lang, Richard Peal,  Russ Dean, Ed Nikles and John Wolf. Jack was kind enough to loan me some of his Warner’s paper, which will be the subject of some future posts on this site.  Also, Terry McMurray had his table with some labelled Log Cabin Remedies, including the extremely rare Scalpine and a half pint Safe Tonic with Tonic Bitters label.

Steve Jackson at the 2012 Baltimore Bottle Show & Sale

Jack Stecher at the 2012 Baltimore Bottle Show & Sale

Carl Sturm from Florida also had a table full of Warner’s, including a London Diabetes Cure, Melbourne Diabetes Cure and 4-Cities Rheumatic Cure.  Richard Peal was offering a nice amber Animal Cure and an amber London Safe Cure Sample.  There were even some extremely rare Warner’s that never hit the sales table, including the one-of-a-kind Frankfurt Safe Nervine pint and an equally rare Pressburg Safe Diabetic Cure. Jack had a half pint Tonic Bitters with a double collar lip, which Russ Dean scored. Normally, the half pint Tonic Bitters sports a medicine lip.

From the standpoint of Warner’s collectors, the 2012 Baltimore Show was a treasure trove. Not sure if 2013 can top it, but do yourself a favor and make the trip next March. You won’t be sorry.


7 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure – Rare Warner’s in Baltimore!

  1. Steve , I enjoyed holding the Warner’s Pressburg Diabetes Cure . I can only hope a few more turn up someday . I thought the Aqua 1/2 Pint London Safe Cure at the show was nice too 🙂

    Us current “Cure Only” Warner’s Collectors , John Wolf & I , need some lovin’ too ! Thanks for the pictures & the blog !

  2. Sorry Ed. I did not mean to exclude you. I will edit the post and rightfully include you and John. Hope we see another Pressburg Diabetic, but not holding my breath. Best regards,


  3. Wow watta show!! The Rochester bottle show is comming up as well — April 15th, I hope there are some warner treasures there to be seen!


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