Warner’s Safe Cure: Some Very Rare Safe Remedies

Warner's Safe Diabetes Remedy in Green

Recently, Michael Seeliger was in San Jose giving a presentation on Warner’s to their bottle club.  He had the opportunity to see the collection of Michael and Kathy Craig, which includes some very nice Warner’s and he was kind enough to share them with me. Thanks also to the Craigs for allowing me to post these.

The photo above is an exceptionally rare Diabetes Remedy in green. How about a  3-Cities Safe Cure in green?

Warner's Safe Cure 3- Cities in Green

By any standard, the Craigs have a nice collection of Warner’s, including some rare examples including an olive Kidney & Liver Remedy, a clear Diabetes Remedy and a clear Kidney & Liver Remedy for starters. And, appropriately enough, a nice collection of Craigs cures.

Warner’s Collection of Michael & Kathy Craig

Collecting Warner’s can be kind of addicting. Once you get into them, you always want that variant that you don’t have. As with most addictions, the problem is that you just can’t stop. Thanks again to Mike and to the Craigs for allowing a peek into their collection. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


5 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Some Very Rare Safe Remedies

  1. Great post, Steve! And beautiful photos by Michael. I love seeing how other folks display their collections. Terry McMurray has some nice labled Warners in his latest auction that ends on 19 Nov…don’t have the catalog with me here at home but can shoot you an e-mail w/ the descriptions if you like. Keep up the great work! jim

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  3. I have a Warner’s Liver and Kidney Remedy bottle with an applied blob top that is clear. I would like to sell the bottle but not sure on value. Where would be the best place to sell or find info?? Thanks for your help.

    • Jody,
      Your bottle is a good one and relatively scarce. The value depends on its condition. If it is in mint condition, I would estimate its value to be $75-100. If it is in less than mint condition, it would be worth less. The best place to sell is likely eBay unless you have access to a bottle show.


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