Warner’s Safe Cure: Big Print “Safe Cure” Revisited

About three years ago, I did a post on what I referred to as the “Big Print Safe Cure.”  My selection of that term was because of the rather unusual size of the words “Safe Cure” in comparison to other half pint London Safe Cures. There is also a certain crudity that is not evident in the garden variety London Safe Cure. This particular specimen just sold on eBay for the tidy sum of $1,175, which may be contrasted with a normal amber London Safe Cure half pint that would fetch less than $100.

This is only the third example of this particular bottle that I have seen in over 30 years of collecting Warner’s.  I saw the first one about five years ago and wrote it off as a “freak.” A desirable freak, but a freak nevertheless.  The size and crudity of the words “Safe Cure” made me think it had been made by an unsupervised apprentice.  Because I have now seen two more examples, I must conclude that this particular bottle was produced briefly (how briefly we don’t know) for use by the London Office, but discovered and pulled as unsatisfactory. This is pure speculation on my part, but it seems plausible and is similar in that regard to the “No Safe” Safe Remedies bottle, which must have met a similar fate.

This particular example came to the seller from London and originally sold on eBay for $25. Not a bad investment with a nice 4600% profit. Thanks to bean5024 on eBay for use of his pics and the background on this unique Safe Cure.


4 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Big Print “Safe Cure” Revisited

  1. I have one in my Cure Collection , as does John Wolf . I’m not sure if those are the other 2 examples you’re refering to or not . John got mine for me several years ago out of a large Warner’s Collection that was broken up . It displays proudly next to the other Londons ! Thanks for the blog !

    • I think there may be one more in addition to the one that went on eBay, so I guess a total of four that I’m aware of. Still a pretty rare Warner’s to be sure. Did the $1500 price tag surprise you?

      • I was suprised at the final price , but unusual variants are still bringing good numbers . I now wonder what my extra Aqua London Safe Cure 1/2 pint is worth , even with an inside lip chip ?

  2. Probably in the $800-1000 range. I got my half pint aqua London from John Wolf several years ago. He discounted it because of a hairline crack along the side seam, which is almost invisible. I was delighted to get it. Still need a Big Print Safe Cure though.

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