Warner’s Safe Cure: “There’s No Such Thing as a Green Tippecanoe”

This very definitve statement was made to me some years ago and, at the time, I would have believed it given the evidence of my own eyes. Indeed, most, if not all of the so-called “green Tippecanoes” that I had seen were, in fact, amber with tinges of green if you held them up to the light at just the right angle.  Well, as they say on Myth Busters – “BUSTED”.  In recent years, I have seen a couple examples of what I would consider legitimate green Tippecanoes. Witness the following. First, the more common amber Tippecanoe:

Tippecanoe with Label from Glassworks Auction

Now, compare that to the following example, which is indisputably green:

Green Tippecanoe

To the extent that there was any doubt concerning the existence of the green Tippecanoe, I think this puts it to rest.  I still believe that the bottle manufacturer probably did not intend for the bottle to be green, but that either as a result of ultraviolet radiation or simply an error in the manufacturing process, we end up with a green Tippecanoe.  Given their rarity, you should expect to pay handsomely for one of these babies, IF you can find one. Now that the green Tippecanoe myth is busted, will someone please show me an Animal Cure from Melbourne?! Yeah, right.

Postscript:  I had forgotten that American Glass Gallery offered a beautiful example of the green Tippecanoe for auction this past summer in their Auction No. 6. The green Tippe fetched a cool $8500. For a peak, take a look at Lot 177 on page 37 of their auction catalog. A very nice example.


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