Warner’s Safe Cure: Fantastic Frankfurts Part II

Labelled Warner's Safe Cure Pint from Frankfurt in Emerald Green

Well, the nice Warner’s just keep coming. Among the Frankfurts, one of my favorites is the emerald green Safe Cure. These seem to be a more recent phenomenon. We have become accustomed to the Frankfurt Safe Cures in both amber and olive green, but the color in some of these emerald bottles is really spectacular. Generally speaking, I have always held the opinion that the amber Frankfurts were more difficult to acquire than the olive. Having said that, I am starting to believe that the emerald Safe Cures may trump the amber.

I wish I could shed more light on the bottle manufacturer that produced the Frankfurt cures, but that seems lost to history. It is entirely possible that they were produced by the same manufacturer that produced the London bottles. The best evidence of that is seen when comparing the London and Frankfurt half pints. It seems clear that either “London” or “Frankfurt” were slugged in. In any event, this emerald color variation is a real treat.

This Safe Cure is made even more special by the pristine label. This is, perhaps, one of the best Frankfurt labels I have seen over the years and it clearly pushed this bid price on this bottle up to $2275 by the end of the auction. Even more interesting is that, upon close inspection, the label appears to be hand drawn to some extent. A very nice example that came out of Hungary. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


8 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Fantastic Frankfurts Part II

  1. Had a fun time yesterday at my first bottle show here in Houston. Picked up a “Wright’s Indian Vegetable Pills” container and wrapper and my *first* Warner’s Safe Cure bottle (Rochester…no label)…my new friend, expert bottle collector, and Baltimore expatriate, Ferdinand Meyer V, RAVED about the Baltimore show…hope I can make it sometime! Found your “Warner’s Safe Cure” FB group…keep up the GREAT WORK! jim

    • Hi Jim. Sounds like a great time in Houston. Although I don’t know Ferdinand, I have seen him at the Baltimore Show and he is right, it is a great show. I have had a table there for the past 4 years and have attended for about 13 years. Hope you can make it next March. Usually Jack Stecher is also there and some great bottles. All the best and stay in touch.


  2. Thanks Steve!

    I almost forgot the BEST part…and I didn’t know that until I browsed your blog a bit more this weekend…I bought that Warner’s bottle from dan Cowman, whom you have featured on your blog before. He had an AMAZING sales display of bottles, packages and – esp. – ephemera. He was very generous in showing me some “back of the table” items and answering questions.

    • Dan is great and was nice enough to allow me to use photos of his wonderful labelled Warner’s collection. I would love to see his collection in person one day. Glad you had the chance to meet him.

  3. Steve…I ended up the proud owner of the labeled emerald green Frankfurt cure. One of the few labeled examples I didn’t have. I’ll send you some photos of this and the other Frankfort and Pressburg examples with labels. This label was completely different than my other Frankfurt labels.

    P.S. to Jim…I enjoyed meeting you at the Houston show also! Keep in touch. Dan Cowman

    • Outstanding Dan. A very nice example and I look forward to the pics. Did you see the nice half pint Tonic with Tonic Bitters label that went in the Glassworks Auction? Also a nice pice. All the best,


      • Steve…I did see the Tonic Bitters label in Glassworks. I already have one. Would have liked it as an upgrade, but you can’t buy everything! Dan

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