Warner’s Safe Cure: Fantastic Frankfurt!

Warner's Safe Diabetes Cure Frankfurt a/main Pint

Please pardon my terrible alliteration. I was trying for a suitable sequel to Marvelous Melbourne. I recently featured a beautiful green half pint Melbourne Nervine that had been unearthed in Leipsig, Germany.  Well, history has repeated itself and yet another rare Warner’s Safe Cure has surfaced from Leipsig. This time, it was a pint Frankfurt Diabetes Cure a/main. This is another terrific Safe Cure that does not surface very often and it brought just under $2000 when it sold on eBay. Alas, some of us will have to settle for pictures rather than the actual bottle. Enjoy!

Warner's Safe Diabetes Cure Frankfurt a/main


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Fantastic Frankfurt!

  1. Steve, has something happened to your web site? Has the fonts size changed? The letters seem to have shrunk down to less than half the size they were before.

    • Thanks for noticing Elmer. After years of not being able to modifiy the font, WordPress finally allowed bloggers to do that (for a small fee) and I changed the font. What I did not know was that it would alter the size. I think I have now fixed that for the most part. There are still some spacing problems in the title, but not sure how to solve that. Hope it is more readable now.

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