Warner’s Safe Cure: Closing the Deal 2

J. Eschelman & Company, Clarence Centre, New York

The Emporium in the J. Eschelman Building

One of the great things about doing this blog is when I get great followup from readers. In a recent post, I included a photograph of a Warner’s Safe Remedies Company envelope addressed to “Messr. J. Eschelman & Co., Clarence Centre,  N.Y.” In response, I heard from Kevin Taft, who was familiar both with Clarence Center and with the recipient, J. Eschelman & Co.  Kevin wrote in part:


Here are a couple of photo’s I found on the internet of the Emporium, (one of when it was probably the J. Eshelman store).

The website I found the old photo is:  http://www.erie.gov/clarence/pdfs/CCCA-newsletter05.pdf

The store is currently called “The Perfect Gift”  (where I had gotten the other photos)  too bad I couldn’t find any good interior photos with all the neat store stuff that’s probably still in there.

Website: http://theperfectgiftnewyork.com/  

Located in a 1872 three-story brick building in the heart of Clarence Center, this family-owned upscale gift shop is the place to shop for “the perfect gift”. The building was originally a dry goods store operated by the Eschelman family for nearly 100 years. Afterwards, it housed a country store known as the Clarence Emporium for many years. Today’s shoppers can choose from home decor, artwork, greeting cards, handmade jewelry, Vera Bradley items, gourmet foods and seasonal gift items. Located within The Perfect Gift is Get Heeled, which specializes in shoes, including bridal shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories.


J. Eschelman Building


The Perfect Gift

 In the past, when I have seen correspondence from the Warner Remedies Company, it was safe to assume that the recipient was long deceased. Hopefully, not from ingesting Kidney & Liver Cure.  In this instance, it is nice to see that the recipient, or, at least his building, is alive and well in the 21st Century. It’s kind of like opening a time capsule. Thanks again to Kevin and if I find myself in Clarence Centre, New York, I will  make a visit to The Perfect Gift.


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