Warner’s Safe Cure: Marvelous Melbourne!


Warner's Safe Nervine Half Pint in Green from Melbourne

Just in case you were asleep this past week, a nice little gem of a Warner’s Safe Cure came up for bid on eBay. A half pint Nervine from Melbourne in GREEN. Now, mind you, a half pint Nervine from Melbourne is considered a rare Warner’s in and of itself a rare bottle. A half pint Nervine in green is…….well…….something more than rare.

In my experience, I have seen a few Safe Cures from Melbourne with a greenish tint, but they were all of the H. H. Warner & Co. Ltd. variety and are the later Melbourne bottles. This bottle was the full blown early Melbourne variety with the traditional safe image embossed on it. It is generally believed that these bottles were not made in Australia, but rather made in the United States or England and shipped there. The fact that this is green would suggest that it came from England. As you can see from the pictures, this is not a bottle with a green tint or green if you hold it a certain way under the light. This bottle is just plain green. Not sure who was the high bidder, but they paid just shy of $2500 for it. Which, considering the rarity of this bottle, is a steal.

I would invite my friends from downunder, including Wayne, to weigh in on how rare this bottle is. Interestingly, the seller was not from Australia, but rather from Germany. I emailed the seller in Leipsig and he kindly told me the story of this bottle. It seems that the local soccer (football for you non-Americans) team needed a new practice field and, it just so happened, that the field was on top of a pre-1900’s dump. There were apparently bottles lying around for the taking. This particular Warner’s Safe Nervine was buried up to its neck when the seller saw it. As it turned out, it was undamaged. I wish I had that kind of luck.  For my part, I think it may be time to add another bottle to my “A” List.  Congratulations to the seller and to the high bidder on this nice Warner’s gem….I’m GREEN with envy.


10 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Marvelous Melbourne!

  1. hello i was the lucky buyer of this bottle, never seen another such bottle in this green colour, although a couple of collectors believe there maybe a couple around, but I can not verify this.
    Seller was exceptionally happy with his find, and relayed the same story of the soccer pitch redevelopement to me
    cheers Andrew

    • Andrew,

      It’s a rare one. Not sure we will see another one like this come along any time soon. Congratulations!


  2. Andrew
    I was absolutely blown away by the price of the bottle, as I was a bidder on the bottle. I passed this information to Ed Ojay who was amazed about the price as well and has noted the bottle and the colour in his Warner Book on line.
    Peter Ruscoe

    • Thanks Peter,

      A terrific bottle. What’s really amazing is that it turned up in Germany and not in Australia.


  3. Hello Peter
    I was a little hesitant about purchasing this bottle from ebay
    as I had never seen an example of this bottle before, I actually thought it would go for a lot more, as I know a couple of collectors here were very keen.
    It is a cracking bottle , and i have still not been shown any other examples of this bottle.
    cheers Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,

      Definitely a terrific bottle. Would love to see some more high resolution pics of it and to use for posting on the site. It is unlikely we will see another any time soon. Enjoy!


  4. Then there were two
    Arrived after much negotiation

  5. Sorry thought link to photobucket would work, how can I upload a photo of second Warners Nervine Green Melbourne Half Pint

    • Andrew,
      Thanks for sharing the green Nervine Halves from Melbourne. I am always leary about proclaiming that a particular Warner’s bottle is a “one of a kind,” because inevitably, another example pops up. The green Nervines are still really rare. Thanks for the pics and I will do a post.


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