Warner’s Safe Cure: Early H. H. Warner Revisited (1880)


Back in November of last year, I posted the image of a brief note written by H. H. Warner in 1874 on stationery for his fireproof safe business in Rochester.  That note preceded the establishment of his patent medicine business by five years.  At the time,  I had never seen any stationery from Warner’s safe business in 30+ years of collecting Safe Cures.  I speculated that the address on that note put Warner’s safe business in the Reynolds Arcade.  In the six weeks since then, another piece of pre-Safe Cure stationery has surfaced dated 1880.

The latest example (pictured above) is from June 16, 1880 and bears the address of No. 31 Exchange Street. This puts the fireproof safe business in the same location as the fledgling patent medicine business pictured on the almanac. I suppose that Warner figured that if his medicine business did not take off, he had safes to fall back on. Fortunately for him, and all of us  Safe Cure collectors, his medicine business flourished and produced great collectible bottles across the globe. Thanks to Stephanie for bringing this latest piece of Warner stationery to my attention.


4 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Early H. H. Warner Revisited (1880)

  1. Steve,

    I am happy that I was able to help you fit another piece of the puzzle! I guess the next question would be… How long did Warner continue selling safes before he abandoned that venture.

    I really appreciate your blog, and thank you so much for amassing this wealth of knowledge in one place. You have first dibs on this artifact should I ever decide to sell it.


      • Steve,

        This is Stephanie and the owner of the above referenced document. I am conteplating selling this letter and promised you I would let you know if I ever decided to sell it.

        I will more than likely list it on eBay, but wanted to see if you wanted to make an offer before I did that.

        Let me know?


      • Stephanie,

        Thanks for thinking about me. I would be interested in the letter. No sure how much you have in mind? Please email me directly at sjackson@wilsav.com and we can discuss it. All the best,


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