Warner’s Safe Cure: H. H. Warner in Chicago (1873)

Although we always associate H. H. Warner with Rochester, as an agent for Mosler & Bahmann & Co., he appears to have had a presence in other major cities. To be sure, he was selling safes in Rochester as is amply demonstrated by my last post; however, he also seems to have been in a number of other cities including Cincinnati and Chicago among others. This is demostrated by this ad that appeared in the 1873 Chicago City Directory.

The ad is for Warner, Howard & Co. at 51 State Street. No telling who Mr. Howard was, but there can be little doubt that the Warner was our resident entrepeneur and patent medicine mogul, Hulbert Harrington Warner.


3 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: H. H. Warner in Chicago (1873)

    • Bernie,
      Sorry it took me so long to reply to this. Warner’s Safes are really neat pieces and to the right collector, they probably have significant value. The problem is that they weight a lot and are not easy to move. They buyer would have to pay to have the piece professionally moved, which might run into some money. I hesitate to place a value on your safe. I have seen them listed between $1500-2000, but I don’t know if they actually sold. For insurance purposes, I think a value in that range would be pretty reasonable.


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