Warner’s Safe Cure: Digging “Down Under”

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do, but have never done is to dig a Warner’s Safe Cure.  A garden variety Kidney & Liver Cure would do. I’m not picky. Just the thrill of seeing that profile of a safe  emerge from a trash pit would pretty much do me in.  Truly buried treasure.  Recently, I discovered a website that I recommend to you called The Australian Antique Bottle Forum.  This great site brings together all manner of bottle collectors from down under. Needless to say, I had to check out the Warner’s collectors and, to my delight, I found quite a few.

One of the posts that immediately caught me eye was on Warner’s Safe Cures that had been recently dug. Feast your eyes on these beauties from the Melbourne and Dundein (4-Cities) Offices. Did I happen to mention that all of these came out of one hole?  I need to go digging with Steve. 

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Okay, let’s see.  Melboure and 4-Cities Safe Cures in various shades, two Melboure Safe Medicines,  two 4-Cities Diabetes Cures (rare),  two Melbourne  and one 4-Cities Rheumatic Cures (really rare),  a Melbourne Safe Nervine and a Safe Remedies and three H. H. Warner & Co. Ltd. bottles. What else do you need?  If I had been in that hole, I would have passed out. Really nice stuff. Keep those great Warner’s coming!


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Digging “Down Under”

  1. Steve,
    You certainly have dug up some pretty interestng information on Warner and his bottles. I thought I’d share with you when I first dug a couple of Warner bottles back 30 years ago. I had been digging bottles with my cousin for a couple of years and thought we had found all the bottle spots in my area at the time. One morning on my summer vacation (was around 12 at the time) I headed out back behind my house in the long farm fields where there was a large wooded lot. There were multiple dumping spots alongside the field and wooded area, a lot of these we had already escavated finding mostly screw tops and few reminents of old smashed glass. I decided that day to head deeper into the woods to see what was around. To my surprise I discovered an old wooden spoke farm wagon that had sunken deep into the ground, nearby were spots with glass under leaves as I used my feet to clear the areas I found little to any intact bottles, but they were cork tops, this fueled my anticipation. Looking all around deeper into the woods I came across a smaller dump spot, a couple of mason jars with the 1858 imbossed in the glass, and what was this strange brown bottle with panels “Log Cabin Extract” it’s not broken, my blood began pumping as I remember seeing something like this in a bottle book that I had back home, wait a minute – here’s another brown bottle intact only with a safe embossed, Warners Safe Remedy – I remember that one in the book too. Wow, I turner over another leaf and found a huge salamander black with yellow spots – I had never seen one of them in my town before – I popped him into one of the canning jars and went back to the important stuff – anymore cork top bottles with neat embossing???? Nothing more as it was probably a spot that was dumped in one day back when. I looked back to find the salamander, it was gone, in my excitement I had kicked over the mason jar and he got away – no big deal I found something much much better, I tucked the log cabin and the safe bottle in by two back pockets and headed home. When I got home I looked in the book I had – “Log Cabin Sarsaprilla”? Looks just like the Extract that I found, and the Remedy Warner’s Safe -wow —I was hooked!


    • Great story Kevin. I am still hopeful that one of these days I will stumble upon a dump that has some undiscovered Warner’s in it. For now, must of my digging is done on the internet. If you have any pictures of your collection you would like to share, please send them along. Thanks for your support.


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