Warner’s Safe Cure Flask?

This interesting anamoly recently sold on eBay. The seller offered up the possibility that it was a Warner’s Safe product along with sufficient skepticism to allow the potential buyer to judge for him or herself.  There is little doubt that the embossed image on the center of the flask is a safe. I have enlarged the image and tried to sharpen it; however, that produces a somewhat pixelated image. Obviously, if we had the benefit of a label, the mystery would be solved, but instead we are left to wonder. Since I have never seen a Warner’s Safe Cure flask in 30+ years of collecting Warner’s, I’m going to say that it is not a product of the H. H. Warner company. Having said that, every now and again, some heretofore unknow Warner’s Safe Cure tidbit pops up. Perhaps this flask is such an item. If anyone knows for sure or has some other theory, please chime in.


3 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure Flask?

  1. I have seen better embossed examples but never thought to compare them to the Warner’s safe.

    This is listed in McKearin as GXIII-79 and also in Van Rensselaer. There is no attribution listed (in McKearin at least) as to where it was made.

      • I meant to also say previously that given the incredible success of HH Warner and his marketing efforts, it is easy to imagine how someone would capitalize on the safe as a well known icon…esp. if creating a whiskey flask was capitalizing on a alcohol-rich medicine.

        I do not know but am assuming the Safe Cure was like most other remedies in that alcohol was the primary ingredient.

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