Warner’s Safe Cure: Frankfurt Beauty!

This little beauty recently sold on eBay for a cool $1725.  The seller was in Poland, so it appears that a few of these gems are still coming to the surface.  Both the green and the amber Frankfurt Nervine half pints made “Honorable Mention” on my “A List.”  Although both colors are very rare, the amber is perhaps slightly rarer having been unlisted before 2005 by Ojea. You probably won’t see another one of these on eBay any time soon.


7 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Frankfurt Beauty!

  1. Hi Steve, Great looking 1/2 pint Nervine Green Frank. I got mine from Rob Goodacre In 1998 for $1100. I also had the 1/2 Pint Amber Nervine Frank,but didn’t remember my Green one being slugged for the Frankfurt at the bottom. I also had a one of a kind Pint Nervine from Frankfurt Amber, that I got from Ed Ojea via Jon Warren,i don’t think another has turned up. Leaving for the national Show In Ohio tomorrow,hope to see you there. Take Care—- Dave

  2. Hi Dave,

    I got mine from a guy in Germany and it is more of an apple green rather than olive, which this one appears to be. Mine is slugged. The amber pint Nervine must be close to one of a kind. Wish I could make the national show, but not this year. Give my regards to Jack and others. Safe travels!


    • Hi Rob,

      Sorry I was late responding. Got caught up in the holidays. I read and enjoyed your article and with your permission, I will do a cross post on my blog. Thanks for the kind words. I love Warner’s Safe Cures and have collected a long time, so this blog is a labor of love. Nice find on the 1/2 pint 3-Cities Nervine. It made my “A List” of top Warner’s Safe Cures. You don’t see many of them for sale, so I think the $500 range is a fair price. All the best,


    • Mikolaj,

      The Frankfurt Nervine half pint is a nice bottle. I already have one in my collection, but it may be worth putting it up on eBay to get the right seller. Good luck.


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