Warner’s Safe Cure: London Colors!

This is a nice array of London Warner’s from the collection of Frank Romanowski. This wonderful backlit shot captures the nice range of colors that are found from the London Office from deep ambers to  olice green to light apple green to straw yellow. Just spectacular. The palette of colors seems virtually limitless. Thanks to Frank for sharing.

2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: London Colors!

  1. A lovely array of Warners excellence in bottles, i have a darker coloured bottle with the 4 cities, the 4th being Melbourne,Aus with the # 1 stamped on the bottom. I have been unable to find it’s value

    • Les,

      I assume when you say a darker 4 Cities bottle that you mean a “Safe Cure.” The 4 Cities bottles included a Safe Cure, Nervine, Diabetes Cure and Rheumatic Cure. Of those four, the Safe Cure is the most common, but varies in color from dark, almost black glass to very light amber and many shades in between. The Safe Cure also appears in rare shades of olive green on occasion. The standard 4 Cities Safe Cure in amber and in mint condition should be worth in the range of $75-100. The rare olive green variety could fetch more like $350-400. By way of background, I have done several posting on the 4 Cities or Dundein, New Zealand Office: https://warnerssafeblog.wordpress.com/2008/06/11/warners-foreign-offices-melbourne-1887-1915-and-dundein-1891-1900/. Hope this helps.


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