Warner’s Safe Cure: A Younger Warner?



Almost invariably, if you see a picture of H. H. Warner, it is a copy of an engraving that depicts him with an elder statesman visage. It is the engraving that I use on this blog showing Warner slightly graying, perhaps in his fifties. It looks like this

When Warner was elected as the President of the Chamber of Commerce in 1887, an engraving of him and other officers of the Chamber were included in the book, The Industries of the City of Rochester along with the text of Warner’s inaugeral address. That engraving is the first one in this post. Clearly, it is an earlier engraving showing a more youthful Warner. Absent are the touches of gray in his hair. The chapter about the Chamber includes a brief bio of Warner:

Both of these engravings can be compared with the elderly Warner, whose care -worn photo appeared on the cover of his catalog for Warner’s Renowned Remedies, his unsuccessful effort to resurrect his patent medicine empire in the 1920’s.

Other engravings or photographs of Warner likely exist given his great success and public image. It provides us with yet another image of a man that shaped the patent medicine industry of the late 19th Century.


3 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: A Younger Warner?

  1. I could not find a way to contact you directly. By way of introduction my name is Stephanie and I am a interactive graphic media student at the Art Institute. Currently in class I am working on am Adobe Shockwave interactive piece On Warner and his empire.

    The reason I am contacting you is I would like to seek your permission to use content from your blog, especially the historical entries such as “The Rise and Fall..” This is NOT a commercial piece that I am producing, and my interest here is purely academic. All credit will go to you in my citations.

    If you would like, I have a draft (shell) that I could put up on my website, so you could see where I am going with this.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,


    • Stephanie,

      Happy to have you use my material with proper credit. Would love to see a draft of your work. Just curious how you became interested in Warner? Best regards and hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Steph, Looks like a good start. Noticed that when I went to the “Biography” and “History” sections, that the text was mostly gibberish. Is that because that is just a placeholder? Also, there is a better image of the Warner Building in my recent posts. The one that you are using was from an almanac and does not have as good detail. Good luck on the project and I look forward to seeing your work.


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