Warner’s Safe Cure: The Ultimate Go-With

If you are a Warner’s collector,  what would you consider to be the ultimate go-with?  There are no shortage of possibilities since Warner was such a prolific advertiser. There are wonderful posters, almanacs, dominoes, signs, etc. While all of these items are great to highlight a Warner’s Safe Cure collection, I think the ultimate go-with might just be an actual Warner’s Safe. For those of you who are familiar with the history of the Warner’s Safe Cure Company and its founder, H. H. Warner, you know that his first fortune was made as a salesman of fireproof safes. It is that image that then graced so many bottles of his medicines into the 20th Century.

Every once in a rare while, one of these Warner’s Safes surfaces and is offered for sale. Now is such a time. The folks at Antique Searchers in Syracuse are offering a safe for sale on eBay. You can find their listing at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330422118971&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT. They have kindly let me reproduce their pictures here:

About two years ago, I did my first installment of Warner history entitled The Rise and Fall of the Warner Empire (Part I). In that posting, I briefly discussed Warner’s early history as a safe salesman for the Mosler Safe Company of Cincinnati. I also attached a link to Dr. Richard Cannon’s article in the Antique Bottle & Glass Collector highlighting another Warner’s Safe in Colorado. This article is repeated in the eBay listing. Dr. Cannon did some excellent research and it is well worth a read. It does not seem to me to be overstatement that had H. H. Warner not been a highly successful safe salesman and had he not contracted Bright’s Disease and been “cured” by Dr. Craig’s concoction, he would have been completely lost to history.

But I digress. This wonderful safe is up for sale for a few more days. Needless to say, the successful bidder will need to pick it up in Syracuse. Considering it weighs in at 800 pounds +, you would have some heavy lifting on your hands. However, just think how nice this safe would look adorned by a nice collection of Warner’s Safe Cures. Good luck on the bidding and thanks to the folks at Antique Searchers for letting me highlight this great go-with.


4 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: The Ultimate Go-With

  1. I know of a safe in DeForest Wisconsin that I tried to buy several times. It has to go over 1000 lbs and would cost me $500 to move it, so I wanted it cheap. On the front it has H.H. Warner Sole Agent. It was a beauty. Then when they didn’t want to sell it they placed screens in front of it and painted them. Now it is all covered with speckles of paint. I still would like to have it.

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