Warner’s Safe Cure: London Beauties

I am always on the lookout for great pictures of Warner’s Safe Cures. These  photos are London Safe Cures being sold by Andy Batler in Great Britain. Although both of these are amber, they are sparkling beauties. Nice work Andy!


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: London Beauties

  1. Hiya – I was recently in a thrift store here in London and found a amber color Safe Cure bottle. I am wondering how I can tell if its a real bottle or reproduction? The words Safe Cure are all on one line but the word Safe is set like “Safe” I havent seen one exactly like that so I am hoping for some information

    • Hi Nancy,
      Sorry for my delay in responding, but I was on vacation. If the Safe Cure is embossed with “London” at the bottom, then it is likely an original. All of the reproduction Safe Cures I am aware of were reproductions of the Kidney & Liver Cure bottles from Rochester. I have not seen any London reproductions. Your comment does not say whether the bottle is a pint or half pint, but having quotation marks around the word Safe is not unusual. Depending on color and condition, it may be a good deal. Ed Ojea’s Warner’s Reference Guide includes a picture of a London Safe Cure with the embossing you describe: http://bottlefever.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/lon-sc-one-line-half-pint-a.jpg

      Hope this helps.


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