Warner’s Safe Cure: Shades of Tippecanoe



From time to time, I used to hear that you could find the infamous Tippecanoe in an olive variety. Generally speaking, I considered this to be myth until I actually saw an example that I considered olive. They do exist and some are strikingly olive. More often than not, however, they tend to be amber examples with shades of olive. This makes sense, because the olive coloring is most likely the result of impurities in the glass manufacturing process rather than an intention by either Warner or his bottle supplier to issue an olive Tippecanoe. I mean, really, who wants a green log?

The above examples, courtesy of American Bottle Auctions, are in the current Auction No. 49.  In their catalog description, ABA makes the very important point, that seeing olive in a Tippecanoe is most often only through comparison. Putting one Tippecanoe next to another gives you an idea of the shades of amber and olive-amber that show up in this bottle. Very subtle shades of olive are very difficult to see and I am always skeptical if I see a Tippecanoe described as olive. In any event, the above examples are a beautiful pair.


3 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Shades of Tippecanoe

  1. The bottle I am inquiring about has the following on the bottom: Pat.Nov 20.83
    On one side Tippicanoe
    other side H H Warner

    What would be the value of such a bottle?

    • Anna,

      Assuming that the bottle is in near mint condition and without damage, these Tippecanoes generally fetch $100-$125. There are some that have the word “Rochester” misspelled on the base of the bottle and rare examples that show up in shades of olive (as discussed above) that will get higher prices. A nice figural bitters. Sounds like your aunt found a very practical use for the Tippecanoe.


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