Warner’s Safe Cure: Labels, Labels and More Labels

Dan Cowman Collection Dan Cowman Collection I’ve been collecting Warner’s Safe Cures for nearly 30 years and in that time, I have accumulated a few labelled  examples, actually quite a few. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to see Jack Stecher’s labelled collection back in 2001, including some of the rarest Warner’s known to exist. Many of these wonderful Warner’s showed up at what I have called the Great Warner’s Safe Cure Exhibit in 2001.

Recently, Ed Ojea shared some photos of Dan Cowman’s collection.  There may be some better collections of labelled Warner’s, but if there are, I never seen them. Take a look at these!

Dan Cowman Collection Dan Cowman Collection Dan Cowman Collection

Dan’s collection includes not only Warner’s Safe Cures and Log Cabin Remedies, but also Tippecanoes and Craig’s Cures. If this collection does not make you drool, then check your pulse. Dan originally collected Safe Cures of all types, but decided to limit his collection to labelled versions and now possesses some of the rarest varieties known. Indeed, I may have to take another look at my A-List of Rare Warner’s and add a few thanks to Dan’s collection. There are plenty more pictures of Dan’s collection, which I have uploaded to my Flikr photostream. Thanks again to Dan and to Ed Ojea. In upcoming posts, I will be highlighting more of Dan’s collection. If you have a rare Warner’s Safe Cure in your collection, send me a picture and I’ll be happy to feature it.


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Labels, Labels and More Labels

  1. Wow– your flicker photostream is packed with all sorts of goodies — Thanks!

    The lables on your post take me to visualising these sitting on a shelf in a store back when they were first bottled – can you imagine standing infront of a collection of filled unopened Warners? – makes me wish I could have ask my great great grand dad to pack them in a time capsule for me!

    Thanks for all your work!

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