Warner’s Log Cabin Remedies: Rose Cream

Typically, when you think of Warner’s Log Cabin Remedies, it brings to mind the familiar amber panelled bottle with, in some cases, the colorful label.  There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Undoubtedly, the most frequent is the fairly commonWarner's Log Cabin Hops & Buchu Remedy

Log Cabin Liver Pills that appear in the paper wrapped vial. There is, however, a much rarer exception, the Log Cabin Rose Cream. Never heard of it. Well, that’s not surprising given the fact that so few examples are known. Indeed, until recently, I had not seen an example.

The Metropolitan (1888)

The January, 1888 Metropolitan advertisement for Log Cabin Remedies listed the Rose Cream for “Catarrh, Etc. Elegant.” For those who don’t know, catarrh is a thick mucous discharge associated with the swelling of the mucous membranes. But I digress. I had not seen an example of this rare Warner nostrum until just recently. Enter Dan Cowman. Dan has one of the nicest collections of labelled Warners that I have ever seen. And it includes an example of the Log Cabin Rose Cream.

Warner's Log Cabin Rose CreamWarner's Log Cabin Rose CreamWarner's Log Cabin Rose Cream

Pretty nice, huh. The label says, among other things “A Superfine Perparation for Catarrh, Rose, Cold, Hay Fever, Influenza.”  All for a mere 50 cents a bottle. Needless to say, if you can find one of these babies today, it will set you back a little more that four bits. If anyone is sitting on an example of Log Cabin Plasters, that’s one I’d still like to see.


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