What’s Going on with the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog

Warner's Safe Cure - "For Sale in All Parts of the World"

For those of you that check up on this blog on occasion, you have noticed that I have been AWOL since the end of May. For that I offer my sincerest apologies as well as an explanation. Frankly, by last spring I had blog fatigue. I had been doing the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog for over a year and was running out of ideas for new posts. I really felt like I was covering the same material in different ways and not really moving the ball. I suspect that many bloggers experience this same issue.

My response was to step back take a break. I never intended to take four months off, but between work and family commitments, the time passed faster than expected. My plan going forward is to continue to keep the WSCB up and running. It still gets a respectable number of hits each day, which is gratifying and shows that the interest in Warner’s Safe Cures remains constant. I will do occasional posts as ideas come to me and would welcome any ideas or thoughts to explore further. Thanks for your support and I hope the WSCB continues well into the future.


12 thoughts on “What’s Going on with the Warner’s Safe Cure Blog

  1. I was getting worried – I thought the blog was going down in the books as history – I really like your site and look forward to seeing more interesting facts on Warner and his bottles.


  2. I have purchased a unit to take the slides that I have on my original Warner collection and the slide show that the South Central Wisconsin Bottle Club made on Warner and put them in digital format. When I do I will send them over to place on the blog where you see fit. Keep on me to get it done. With the change in weather I will have more time.

    I went to several bottle shows this year. I was amazed at the price they are asking for the green animal cures from London. I still remember first seeing it in a shop in Watertown Wisconsin.
    Michael Seeliger

    • Thanks Michael. I’m glad that you checked back. I would very much like to have copies of the slides to post to the blog. I will check back again soon. All the best,

  3. Great site!! welcome back!! You are doing a great job!! i check back all the time, keep up the great work…..your fellow collector…..Andy

  4. Hi guys; do you know anything about a novelty item that says Warners Safe Cure on one side and Keelers Little Joker Pat Mov 12,1876 on the other side.

    Russ Dean

    • Russ,

      I have seen pictures of it, but don’t know the story behind it. Sorry I can’t provide any more information. If you can send me a picture, I am happy to post and see if anyone else has an idea.


  5. I talked with Jack Stecher last week, he said he once had the Keelers Little Joker. He tells me it had a rubber stamp in it and you rolled it back and forth to print.

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