Warner’s Safe Errors: “Four Circles” Safe Kidney & Liver Cure

"Four Circles" Warner's Safe Kidney & Liver Cure"Four Circles" Warner's Safe Kidney & Liver CureMold errors are not always limited to misspellings or the incorrect positioning of trademarks. In some cases, the mold error may simply be presence of an unintended  mold marker or slug plate marker. To some extent, the presence of a slug plate impression falls into that category, because slug plates were used to allow the glassmaker to interchange embossing on similar molds. Nevertheless, we note the presence of slug plates in describing bottles, because the impression is clearly visible.

These types of variants among Warner’s Safe Cures set them apart from each other. In the years since Mike Seeliger published the first Warner’s guide, a variety of errors have been noted and documented in guides like Ojea/Stecher.  One such mold anomoly is the “Four Circles “Safe Kidney & Liver Cure.

The “Four Circles” Kidney & Liver Cure is cataloged by Ojea/Stecher as WRG 12B.  It appears only in the K&L Cure with the blob lip. The circles, which are each about the diameter of a quarter, appear behind the Kidney & Liver Cure embossing. Although it has been described as a slug plate, in all likelihood the circles represent mold markers and later molds were corrected to remove the unintended impression. This particular variant is rated as “Good” by Ojea/Stecher and is, in fact, harded to come by than is more common (and error-free) cousin. The normal Kidney & Liver Cure usually fetches $20-$50 depending on condition and color. This variant usually goes in the $70-80 range.


6 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Errors: “Four Circles” Safe Kidney & Liver Cure

  1. Elmer,

    How are the circles configured on your bottle? It is possible there was a double impression. Shoot me a picture if you have one. Thanks.


  2. My bottle looks the same but it has Franks Safe Kindy & Liver Cure/ Bottom of bottle…WHEATON NJ… EDITION 111. Do you know how old this bottle is?

    Bill Ooms

    • Bill,

      Your bottle is a reproduction Wheaton bottle. I cannot tell you an exact date, but would estimate in the 1960’s or 1970’s. You may be able to research more about Wheaton reproductions on the net. Not really my area of expertise.

  3. Greetings,
    I have a Warner’s Safe Kidney & Liver Cure with one circle mold repair on the back of the bottle. The circle is 1 5/8″ diameter and you can even see evidence of the screw heads marked in the glass. How common is this marking? Thanks.
    Robert C.

    • Robert,

      I have seen that various examples of mold marks on Kidney & Liver Cure bottles. Because the Kidney & Liver Cure from Rochester was the most widely circulated Safe Cure bottle, there is no way to estimate how many of them exist. It is safe to say that they are less common than the same bottle without such markings. I don’t believe that such markings add any value to the bottle, but are interesting. Thanks.


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