Warner’s Safe Cure: Those London Half Pints are Hot!

Warner's Safe Cure London Nervine Half PintWarner's Safe Nervine London Half PintWarner's Safe Cure London Half PintsWarner's Safe Cure London Half PintPerhaps the hottest Warner’s Safe Cures these days are the London Half Pints. The appeal of these wonderful little bottles stems from something I have observed before, which is that they turn up in some wonderful color variations. These bottles in there more common colors of amber and olive are nice bottles in there own right, but some of the recent color varieties really elevate them. London Half Pint Safe Cures typically sell in the $100 range and Nervines in the $200 range, but when they appear in unusual colors, they sell  for a premium. A recent Half Pint Nervine in emerald sold in the $500 range.

If you have been watching eBay lately, you may have seen a few of these unusual London Halfs show up in colors ranging from emerald to light olive. My collection includes a citron London Nervine Half Pint. You can really appreciate these great colors when they are displayed with other Warners. I have included a few a these color variations above and I’m sure that there are more out there, so keep your eyes open.


2 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Cure: Those London Half Pints are Hot!

  1. Steve, the London colors are great. Has anyone ever figured out where the London bottles were made (or where any of the foreign bottles were blown)? The American and Canadian bottles seem bland in color comparison.

    • Elmer,

      I have not heard anyone identify a particular manufacturer for the London bottles. My guess is that they purchased them from the lowest bidder, which may account for the variety of colors that have appeared. I have been told that the early Melbourne and 4-Cities (Dundein) bottles were produced either in the U.S or London and shipped to Australia and New Zealand, because the glassmaking in those countries was too primitive. Also, the half pints from Frankfurt bear a close resemblence to the half pints from London, suggesting that they were produced in England and shipped to Germany.


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