Warner’s Safe Errors: 3-Cities Safe Cure “Reversed N’s” Revisited

Warner's Safe Cure 3-Cities Reversed "N's"safecure3citiesreversedn32For those of you who follow this blog with some regularity, you know that back in October, 2008, I featured a bottle, which I referred to as the 3-Cities Safe Cure “Reversed N’s,” because of the fact that the “N’s” in the embossing of  “TORONTO, CANADA” and  “LONDON, ENGLAND” on the sides of the bottle were backwards. At that point in time, only one of these bottles had surfaced and it was listed in the Ojea/Stecher Warner’s Reference Guide as a “one-of-a-kind”.

If you watch eBay and other online auction sites, you know that on occasion, rare bottles surface and can be purchased for well under their true value. The key is knowing what is and what is not rare. As I have said in the past, I am constantly dismayed by people who list  common or good Warner’s Safe Cures are “rare,” either out of ignorance or as deliberate misrepresentations. Long story short, do your homework and know what it is you are buying and don’t just take the seller’s word for it.

In a recently concluded eBay auction, a second 3-Cities Safe Cure with Reversed “N’s” showed up and sold for slightly over $400, well under the value such a bottle might fetch at a show by a Warner’s collector. I was watching that auction with interest (since I have the other one) as was Steve Panton, who commented on it after the auction concluded.  So much for my one-of-a-kind. I guess two-of-a-kind isn’t so bad. Keep watching those online auctions, you never know when a gem may pop up!


4 thoughts on “Warner’s Safe Errors: 3-Cities Safe Cure “Reversed N’s” Revisited

  1. I have one of these 3 cities reversed N Warners bottles. I was told by someone they are very rare, but I had no idea how rare. It would be interesting to know how many were produced before the error was found and corrected.

    • Jay,

      You have a rare bottle. Other than the one I have, I have seen only one other that sold on eBay a couple years ago. I’m affraid that there is no way to tell how many made their way into the world, but I suspect it was very few. Perhaps one of the most significant mold errors among Warner’s Safe Cure bottles.


      • I happen to have a 3 cities reversed “N’ Warners Safe Cure that I acquired about 30 years ago. I believe I paid about $15.00 for mine. It’s nice to know just how rare this bottle is

      • Pete,

        The reversed “N’s” 3-Cities Safe Cure is a great bottle. I have only seen a handful of them. $15 is a steal. I think it is one of the better Warner’s error bottles.


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