Warner’s Safe Advertising: The Metropolitan

The Metropolitan (1888)The Metropolitan (1888)

For all of his extensive marketing efforts, H. H. Warner was not above simply advertising in newspapers. There is no telling how many advertisements for Warner’s Safe Remedies, Warner’s Safe Yeast and any number of Warner’s other products graced the pages of newspapers in the last 20 years of the 19th Century. We do, however, have at least one good example in The Metropolitan.

I am not sure about the circulation of The Metropolitan, but it clearly was published in New York City. This particular issue from 1888 included a full page advertisement for Log Cabin Remedies, which Warner’s ad men described as “Old Fashioned Simple Preparations of Roots and Herbs Our Great-Grand-Parents Used!” While great grandparents of that era may have used roots and herbs, one wonders whether they would have recognized the alcohol content, which undoubtedly was combined with those roots and herbs.

Nevertheless, The Metropolitan stands as a good example of newsprint advertising used by Warner in the late 19th Century. Even today, with access to broadcast and internet media, print advertising remains viable and lucrative over a century later.


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