Warner’s Safe Cure: More London Beauties!

Warner's Safe Cure London Half Pint

I am constantly amazed at the quality of photos that show up on some of the auction sites. While I expect high quality from auction sites like Glass Works, its nice to see quality photos on eBay. I recently came across some great photos of London half pints (above and below) posted by James Cowls of Cornwall, England. Nice photos James!

Warner's Safe Cure London Half Pints

These half pint Londons not only depict different colors, but different mold types. The left and middle photos show a nice variety of greens ranging from dark olive to a green gray as well as the “Safe Cure” embossing on one line. The bottle to the right is a medium amber with “Safe Cure” on two lines and the distinct slug plate markings that grace not only this London half pint but also the London and Frankfurt Nervine half pints as depicted below.

Warner's Safe Cures with Slug Plates

Bottom line is that James’ photographs are another example of wonderful variety of Safe Cures from London. Thanks James.


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